120ml Super Concentrated Glove Wash.

Made from natural ingredients that are totally 100% Biodegradable. This detergent is mild, non toxic and contains no bleaches, chlorine or dyes that will damage your gloves. It has a beautiful natural scent that will eliminate odours and make your TJ’s shine once again.

Directions For Use
Wet gloves in warm water  use a 20cent size drop on each glove ( Use more if desired) Gently use your fingers to work the dirt out of the glove. Rinse gloves with water until all detergent is gone. Squeeze and air dry. Repeat if very dirty.

Make sure all detergent has been totally rinsed from your gloves, otherwise when you prepare your gloves for your next game or training they maybe slippery as water has reactivated the detergent!

Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.


Price does not include postage.

TJ Goalkeeping Glove Wash

  • Black with coloured TJGK Logo.